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What’s New In The Castle ?

What’s New In The Castle ?

What’s New In The Castle ?

”Hello April Flowers💐 Royal Family”

DUE TO THE CITY’S STAY AT HOME DIRECTIVE IN ACCORDANCE WITH BALTIMORE CITY PARKS AND REC’S , Y.Q.I.T.‘S GROUP SESSIONS ARE CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Enrollment and intakes are still open during this time but will be processed virtually. However if you or a female youth you know is experiencing crisis and is in need of urgent support please contact BCRI at (410)433-5255 for all immediate needs.

We apologize for any and all inconveniences this will cause, however it is our programs main priority and concern to assure the safety of all of our participants and staff during this pandemic we thank you for your patience and understanding during this uncertain time. 

-Love& Light 

Briauna Wills

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What’s New In The Castle ?

What’s New In The Castle ?

“We love Ms.Briauna and Y.Q.I.T.”

                                         -Futuma B

”Young Queens in Training Inc . has really helped my daughter come out her shell”


“Ms.Briauna is a very good person, theres no one like her and i apprciate everything she’s done for us“ -Rim Solomon

”She’s that extra hand, she’s like a mom to some . To my girls she’s like Aunt Briauna” -Keyawna Scruggs

Room for growth


Behavorial Modification

Behavorial Modification

Behavorial Modification

Our experienced mentors use Piaget Thoery to create lesson plans that meet each participant where “she is” . This model aids and allows each girl to set goals tailored to her own needs .


Life Skills Training

Behavorial Modification

Behavorial Modification

The girls in Y.Q.I.T. gain basic survival skills year round in this program. Our organization prides itself on these lessons in etiquette, money management ,basic hygiene and home economics it provides to our young queens  . 



Behavorial Modification


The participants of the Young Queens In Training mentor program complete a series of team building exercises . These activities forge bonds and create positive relationships that will last these youth throughout their lives . 

Services we provide



Each week young ladies of Y.Q.I.T. are provided nutritious snacks during group sessions


In order to insure that the youth we serve are maintaing healthy life habits ,our mentors work with each indiviual participant and their support network to intervene when negative behaviors arise . With direct support and or wrap around services we work to deescalate any safety concerns that may be present. 

Activities and Outings

Our participants attend local team building exercises quarterly, as well as participate in activities on and off site for exposure to real life experiences . 

Career Readiness

Our mentors work to instill independence and self sufficiency in our youth through activities that provide knowledge on navigating the work world once eligibility of their work permit is granted and even prior to.

Education Awareness

Each group session allocates the first 15-20mins be used to complete/address any homework,research and or projects that may have rolled over from that school day. Mentor aids are available to assist with tutoring help in most areas

One on One/ Group Sessions

•Each week our young ladies participate in hour long group sessions that aid in team building and maintaining healthy relationships. 

*Additional services for fee